Progressive Bike Ramps

The Sustainable Solution


Progressive Bike Ramps is a ramp design and manufacturing company, born from the joining of Progressive Trail Design and American Ramp Company. PBR combines the years of experience and innovation of its parent companies to construct the highest quality ramps, specifically designed for mountain biking.

Mountain bike skills courses first started in the late 90’s with a small group of riders from the North Shore of British Columbia… Given the temperate rainforest climate of BC, many riders began to build ladder bridges to span wet areas of the trail. As riders increased their skills, they began to make bridges skinnier and higher off the ground in order to add excitement and challenge to the trails. This gave way to a new style of riding known today as free-ride. Over a decade later, bike parks and free-ride trails are now embraced by municipalities and resort communities world over.

Typically a city has facilities for most sports but, often times,mountain biking is left out. In the past, mountain bikers had to rely on their own skills in ramp and obstacle building, but not anymore. PBR is the first ever per-fabricated line of ramps specially designed for mountain biking. At PBR our ramps are a sustainable, virtually maintenance-free product designed to enhance the skills of mountain bikers in any setting.

At Progressive Bike ramps we understand what riders want in a skills course because we don’t just build the ramps, we also ride. PBR consists of a dedicated group of individuals from different walks of life who came together for one purpose: to advance the sport we love as well as improve our mountain bike skills.